Wii/GCN: Audio
For decoding a dsp-file search the internet for "vgmstream".
It is a commandline audio decoder and can handle most of
the audio formats used in games. If you have installed Winamp
you can also download it as Winamp-plugin.

The AGSC decoder converts agsc-files to standard dsp files. The
only files known to work are the ~2MB files (called "0_FrontEndMusic_AGSC.AGSC"
and "0_FrontEndMusic_AGSC2.AGSC").

The RSF decoder decodes the rsf-files from Metriod Prime to standard
wav-files (stereo).

Those formats can also be decoded using vgmstream.

The CSMP decoder converts the csmp-files found in Metroid Prime 3
to standard dsp-files. It also converts loop information if available.


$ cd ..